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For more than 10 years already SINTOMS is engaged in wholesale trade of musical

            goods on a professional basis.

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The Company’s range of goods includes more than 1000 items. Special attention

            is given to guitars. SINTOMS is always ready to offer more than 100 models of guitars

            for players and performers of different levels and skills.

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All the goods are subject to strict control and presale preparation. The Company delivers

            100 % checked quality goods.

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SINTOMS is the leading supplier of musical instruments and accessories in Belarus,

            providing the country’s trading network with musical goods on a regular basis.

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The Company pays great attention to deliveries of musical goods to Russia, promoting the

            Belarusian musical instruments.

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Many musical organizations and institutions of Belarus, such as schools, colleges,

            philharmonic societies, orchestras, theatres, etc. have found in SINTOMS a reliable

            partner with regard to supply of professional musical instruments. With skill and pleasure

            the Company is always ready to give help to organizations in the musical instruments

            support with an individual approach to the needs of every performer.

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In Belarus SINTOMS acts as a representative of many world famous musical

            companies-manufacturers of musical instruments and accessories.

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The Company imports musical goods from China, from Western Europe and America, from

            Russia and Ukraine.

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The Company builds and expands the dealer network for sales of musical goods and invites

            potential partners to cooperation on a long-term basis.


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