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            Of great popularity among manufacturers of musical instruments in various countries

        are special devices of SINTOMS intended for frets mounting:
                        - cutters
                        - tang nippers
                        - fret benders



            Cutters are used to cut slots in a fingerboard for mounting of frets. The cutters make

        slots straight, without chipping, cracks or fluffiness. As a rule, the consumers of the

        SINTOMS frets prefer to use the SINTOMS cutters to mount frets.



            Cutters are made to standard sizes for different models of frets:
                    - Cutter outer diameter: 80 mm
                    - Inner standard diameters: 25; 28; 30; 32; 40 mm
                        (Cutters of other inner diameters may be manufactured under request)
                    - Tooth thickness: 0.43; 0.52 mm
                        (Cutters of other tooth thickness may be manufactured under request)
                    - Cutter thickness: 1.8 mm

            Cutters are of high manufacturing accuracy (
± 0.02 mm) and of increased resistance

        to wear. They are made of special tool steel and fit for regrinding.

            As to the experience of the application of cutters at factories with 4 to 8 thousand

        fretboard instruments monthly output, the cutters can operate for a year without regrinding.

            Cutters are delivered in sets of 22 or 24 pieces. Also may be delivered by one piece

        or so.



Tang nippers


            Tang nippers provide a very clean L-shape cut at the fret tang butt-end.


            Frets with suchwise nipped tang butt-ends provide for opportunity of decorative filling

        of the slots on a fingerboard (plastic lining fitted at the edge, etc.)


            Nippers are a versatile tool. They can be used for tangs of frets of different models.

            A significant feature of nippers is that they can cut frets made of stainless steel.







Fret bender


            Fret bender is applied to transform a straight fret length of factory delivery into

        an arc-shaped one.


            Fret bender allows an adjustable radius of bend.


            Fret bender provides for opportunity to bend frets of different models with

        various tang width.




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