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SINTOMS Ltd. is an East European company producing parts for musical instruments

and selling musical instruments and accessories for them, facilitating the musical instruments manufacture and development of musical culture.

Main activities of SINTOMS are:


маркированный список

Production of frets for musical instruments and of fret mounting devices and supplies

            of these products to the countries of CIS, of Western Europe, of America, etc.

маркированный список

Trading with musical instruments and accessories, supplies of musical goods to selling

            points of Belarus and Russia.

маркированный список

Deliveries of musical instruments and accessories on order to musical organizations

            (schools, conservatoires, philharmonic societies, orchestras, etc.) of Belarus.

маркированный список

Deliveries of component parts for musical instruments as frets, strings, machine heads,

            wooden parts and so on to the countries of CIS.

маркированный список

Support of development of guitar culture.



Our details:

                Address:       SINTOMS Ltd
                                     2, Partizansky ave.,
                                     220763 Minsk
                                     Republic of Belarus


                Phone / fax:  + 375 17 340 36 80
                Fax:              + 375 17 226 05 30

                e-mail:           info@sintoms.com


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